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Kindle Fire review!

Sorry, I’ve been MIA all week but the break was very long overdue. I needed the rest and relaxation badly. Anyway, happy new year! At the beginning of the break my Kindle decided to quit on me, and though I blame all of you damn authors and your super hot books that actually crazed my kindle to death, it couldn’t have happened at a better time… Christmas! I took advantage of the opportunity to ask my ever so thoughtful boyfriend for a new kindle. I initially wanted a Kindle Paperwhite but after messing around with the Kindle Fire at BestBuy, I had to have it.



I am loving it so far. As an e-reader, it is amazing! I love that I can read in color and in the dark in bed, though it is a tad on the heavier side so reading on your back with the risk of dropping the kindle fire onto your face is definitely a no-no (it hurts like a b*tch). It also shows recommended books underneath the current book being read so once I’m done with a book I can check out other similar books and add them onto my TBR list on Amazon. However, as a tablet, it’s okay. I might be a little bias on this side of it because my boyfriend owns an iPad and it doesn’t come close to measuring up to it. But it does what (I assume) every other tablet does… email, internet, games/apps, etc. I probably won’t be using it too much for movies or music but I did download and test out NetFlix and Pandora and both work just fine. If you think you are going to be using it to watch movies a lot, you should probably invest in the Kindle Fire HD. But for me, the Kindle Fire is perfect. I love it as an e-reader and all the extra stuff it does is a bonus.

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