In My Mind Monday – Avoiding Commitment edition

Avoiding Commitment is written by K.A. Linde and is one of my favorite books this year. In fact, I’ve read it twice already and will more than likely be reading it again before the year is over. I swear it is THAT good. The description and/or my review for it is here. This is who I would cast for this book if it were ever made into a movie…

As Jack: Chace Crawford… I think it would be really interesting to see him as an asshole lol

As Lexi: Sophia Bush

As Ramsey: Colton Haynes… gah, it’s not even fair how hot this guy is

As Bekah: Julianne Hough… if she can pull off being a b*tch, she’d be perfect for this part

As Chyna: Amanda Setton

Have you read this yet? If not, YOU NEED TO! If so, who would you cast and why?

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8 thoughts on “In My Mind Monday – Avoiding Commitment edition

  1. Missy

    I agree 110%!!!!

  2. Melissa B

    Awesome casting!

  3. ashley

    I like everyone but shophia bush but only because i dont like her voice haha. Great picks for the looks love them

  4. onni78

    Great casting choices – although I do think might be a little young/inexperienced to be slamming Lexi against the wall! I’m sure you remember THAT scene. Hot!

    • YES! That was a very HOT scene! I think Chace Crawford has had enough sex scene experiences through his stint on Gossip Girl. I would definitely not mind seeing him try 😉

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