Reason to Breathe series by Rebecca Donovan


This is a 3-part series (and I am impatiently waiting for the 3rd book!!!) that I was going to wait to review but I think I need to get it out of my system ASAP. I’m reviewing the series thus far as a whole and not posting any book descriptions in fear of spoiling the series.

This series is about a broken and damaged girl, Emma, who suffers from abuse. Her father passed away, her mother is an alcoholic, and she was left with her aloof uncle and abusive evil aunt. She wants to survive her last two years in high school so that she can escape hell and go to college. Her survival depends greatly on her best friend, Sara, and the new guy in town, Evan, whom has taken interest in her. Emma thinks the only way to get her freedom is to protect herself by keeping her secret and not letting anyone know exactly how bad it is for her at home.

I have never experienced this type of abuse, nor have I experienced growing up in a broken home, but Rebecca Donovan somehow makes me feel what this is like through Emma. When Emma suffered, I felt her pain. I wanted her to get through it. Her denial and guilt was insufferable but at the same time I understood it. The author was able to take me through a roller coaster of emotions; through her writing I connected with the main character, regardless of my experiences or inexperiences.

There was really nothing I hated about this book except that there was so much angst and pain… but in the most amazing way. I applaud Rebecca Donovan for being able to brilliantly depict so many highs and lows through her writing. Feeling these emotions while I read, no matter how the stories end, is what captivates me into reading and these books definitely did just that.

Twiddling my thumbs until the third and last book of the series comes out. Hmph!

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