Between The Lines Trilogy by Tammara Webber

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I absolutely LOVED this series and am now officially a really big fan of this author.

Every book is written from a character’s POV, which I think contributes greatly in developing the character and giving the reader a glimpse into the character’s thoughts and emotions.

Book #1: Between The Lines

Written from two character’s POV; Emma and Reid. Emma is the cute girl-next-door, while Reid is the typical bad boy player, however, this is far from the typical ‘good girl meets bad boy’ storyline. These two, along with a few other movie stars, are shooting a movie together. The book involves the dynamics and interactions between the stars of the movie, including Emma’s and Reid’s family dynamics. Emma ends up in a love triangle when Reid and another indie-movie star, Graham, both vie for her affection, each with completely different motives.

Book #2: Where You Are

Written from four characters’ POV; we are pulled back into the love triangle involving Emma, Reid, and Graham, however it is now a love square with Brooke, another star from the movie, thrown into the mix. Reid is still after Emma, whom has eyes for Graham, whom has an admirer of his own, Brooke. Brooke and Reid devise a plot to tear Emma and Graham apart.

This book was my least favorite of the series, but was still an enjoyable read. I didn’t think the characters developed or really grew or progressed in this book, but I loved that we get a glimpse into the lives and histories of Brooke and Graham. Brooke is sort of a bitchy brat, and whilst she is selfish and only thinks of herself, her intentions weren’t thoroughly evil. It was a pleasure to get to know her and understand why she is the way she is.

Book #3: Good For You

This book brings us back to Reid’s story but this time involves a totally different plot and character. Reid ends up in community service and is supervised by Dori, a righteous innocent girl, who seems indifferent to Reid’s movie star attitude. However, the more they are forced to spend time with each other, the more they rub off on each other.

This book was by far my favorite of the three. I was a fan of Reid from book 1 only because he was one of the first characters I got to know. So although his character was easy to hate most of the time, I was rooting for him through and through, to hopefully change his bad boy ways. I loved that Reid and Dori seem so opposite of each other on the surface, yet underneath all of it, they are more alike than they know. It was nice to see read about Reid growing up and even better to read about someone having a soft spot for him.

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